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2021 Nevada Legislative Session

February 1 - May 31, 2021

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Legislative Bill Tracking:

A complete up-to-date list of BDR/Bills for the current legislative session that may have an impact on children and their families, public health and/or medical fields including links to the State Legislature Website and information on the status of the bills.

Children's Week at the Legislature

For the past four legislative sessions, over 80 different non-profit, corporate, philanthropic, and state agencies and organizations have joined together as we strengthened Nevada's families by sharing a commitment to improve our communities through events and outreach efforts aimed at promoting the health, safety, and well-being of our children.

Each day will focus on topics related to the day's theme, scheduled below:

  • Monday, March 8 - Education & School Readiness

  • Tuesday, March 9 - Children's Safety

  • Wednesday, March 10 - Mental Health

  • Thursday, March 11 - Physical Health

  • Friday, March 12 - Economic Wellbeing




January 2021 - Schools & Mental Health

COVID-19 has greatly impact children's mental health, especially for those who are participating in distance learning. CCCMHC advocates for schools & systems to prioritize children's mental health services and accessibility.

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