The Clark County Children’s Mental Health Consortium needs your help!


It’s time for a new logo for CCCMHC and we are looking for

Clark County youth to help us transform…










Into something that reflects our community and helps to raise awareness about the importance of youth mental wellness.


A prize will be awarded to the winner and the winning logo will be used in all CCCMHC public facing materials!







All logos must meet the following standards:

  • Include the full name, “Clark County Children’s Mental Health Consortium”

  • Logos must be original artwork, no copyrighted material

  • All logos must be submitted digitally as a JPEG or PNG file with a minimum resolution of 300 pixels x 300 pixels

  • Must include text in a type and font that is easy to read

  • Hand drawn artwork must be scanned for submission (no photo of drawing)


Recommendations for a Winning Logo:

  • Reflects the community, people, or special places in Clark County, NV

  • Promotes mental health and wellbeing

  • Easy to understand and memorable design

Youth Logo Contest_EXT_edited.jpg